Ordering procedures for vendors

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Aux Amateurs de Livres/AMAT

  • ftp orders (see How to ftp Our Vendors)


  • order directly from website: (www.casalini.it) : user name/password in vendor file Click on ORDERS drop down menu; choose QUICK ORDERS . enter isbn; our o100000x number and discr in boxes. Update after every entry and then finally SEND ORDER.

China Classics/CHIN

  • email orders to Wei Wang at (chinaclassics@yahoo.com) (see Email Order Template)


  • order directly from website: (www.esterum.com) : usual user name and pword


  • ftp orders (see How to ftp Our Vendors)

Livraria Cultura/LIV

usual username and pword

Middlebury College Store/MCS

  • email orders to Georgia Best (best@middlebury.edu) or Dean Leary (dleary@middlebury.edu)

Send titles, course and faculty information for each title; tell them LIBOOK 704820

New England Book /NEB

  • email orders to (nebs@together.net) (see Email Order Template) Also, send historical society addresses with HRaum orders that come through with them.

Puvill Libros/PUV

  • email orders to (info@puvill.com). (see Email Order Template) Account number 1058


acquisitions@middlebury.edu and usual pword

Vermont Book Shop/VBS

  • email orders to : (vtbook@sover.net) (see Email Order Template) Also always say in email: "Middlebury College Library order; will be picked up"


  • ftp orders through GOBI.  (see How to ftp Our Vendors and Gobi for Acquisitions Staff).
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