Orientation 2008

FYS Information Center in Library

Event Date: Wed, Sept. 3rd

Research & Instruction Section

Trading Cards

Mack & Hans


  • I’ve been doing some research in preparation to design these cards. Even if they had the correct sizes (only available in business card and post card sizes) the AVERY precut option is prohibitively expensive.
  • I have checked with Repro and if I design them 8 up (making the cards 2.75 X 4.25) on an 8.5 X 11 sheet of paper we can get 4 colour for about .86 cents a sheet (minimum of 50 sheets to get this price) printed on front and back. There is also a PDF charge and the charge for cutting. My guesstimate is about 60 – 75$ for the 50 sheets.
  • With 8 cards per sheet, that will give us 400 cards.
  • I have the initial grid laid out and I will continue developing a prototype sans detailed info. The next step is to develop the list of folks who will have cards. This will determine the next step (getting pictures and copy on all of them).


  • Mack has the FYSE librarian list, but still needs to know which tech people will need cards.

Music: Joe A. & Jean

  • Joe will check with acoustic groups to see who's available for this

Media Video/Demo

Mack & Joe

Research Resources Video

Bryan, Carrie, Joy, & Richard

We met on 7/31/2008 and did our timeline and "storyboard". We consulted with Joe A. and he gave us advice and signed off on the plan.

  • Joy: iMovie
  • Carrie: title, captions, subtitles, intertitles, credits, etc.
  • Bryan: Photo montage of librarians (BBR)
  • Richard and Carrie: Screenshots for resource stuff
  • All: editing final with text, sound.


  • As per Joseph W's advice, Richard contacted Helpdesk to reserve 4 iMacs to place in various parts of the library to show continuous loops of video.
  • Joe A. created a folder on Muskrat as a holding place for all our work. Richard has added screenshots to use in iMovie.


  • We've reviewed a first draft and now we're working on revisions to individual slides.
  • Our proposed locations for the 4 iMacs which will display this video are: atrium (even if it's just on or near the Info Desk), ref desk, upper level (front and back reading rooms).

Special Collections Video


Signage in Library

Jeff, Brenda, Joseph?

Map of LIS Events

Jeff, Brenda, Jean, Joseph?

Puzzle, Competition, Treasure Hunt, Library Tour


General Coordination

Jean & Judy

  • Katy Smith-Abbott likes our ideas. We'll be proceeding independent of her plans, since none of our locations interfere with her reserved spaces. We'll make our own signs and map--and, possibly, place a flier of some sort in the commons.
  • Katy says there will be a large banner out in front of the library--on the lawn--announcing the event that day

Next Meeting

Monday, 8/18/08, 9:30, Library 105

Information Desk


Help Desk


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