Overdue items

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General policy: Overdue materials

  • There are no overdue fines, but keeping library materials past their stated due dates will result in loss of borrowing and requesting privileges
  • The Borrowing system will automatically block borrowing and requesting privileges if library materials are kept beyond stated due dates; once the items are returned, the block is automatically cleared
  • Reserve, media equipment, ILL, NExpress, hold and recalled materials are in high demand by our user community
  • Items in high demand will prompt a manual block if kept beyond stated due dates
  • Manual blocks will be added to borrower accounts for overdue materials at the discretion of Circulation staff on the basis of repeated abuse of borrowing privileges
  • Manual blocks can only be cleared by speaking directly with a supervisor
  • Repeated abuse of borrowing privileges may result in permanent loss of borrowing privileges; and could result in referral for College judicial procedure.

Supervisor Procedure for Follow-up on Overdue Recalls, Holds, Reserves, Equipment, Media, ILL

  1. Email borrower; copy Lib Circ mailbox
  2. Edit borrower account:
  • Add a manual block- select appropriate type
  • Add note field - item type, brief description of issue, your initials, date
  • Check for previous notes
  • Three notes indicating problems = consult with manager about a permanent borrowing block
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