PDF Files

Opening and reading PDF files

Mac: Preview.app comes preinstalled with Mac OS X. Acrobat Reader can also be downloaded.

Windows: Acrobat Reader, Foxit (leightweight PDF reader that many prefer to Acrobat)

Creating PDF files

Mac: File => Print gives a "Create PDF" button in the lower left corner.

Windows: The free PDFCreator can be downloaded from http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfcreator/ After installing PDFCreator, File => Print will have a "PDFCreator" option that will produce a PDF file from any application. Adobe Professional may also be used, however, it costs $449 (no the College does not have a site license), and PDFCreator is free.

Creating PDF files while removing author information

  • Question: Is it possible to create a PDF file without embedding my information (first name, last name, etc.)? Is there a way to remove this metadata/property?
  • Answer: This depends on the program that creates the source file and the program that creates the output PDF file. See below for details.
  • For example on a PC, in Windows, using Word, click on File => Properties and remove any personal info from the tabs there. Then use File => Print => PDFCreator, and a window will appear where your name is automatically entered. Erase the information in that window that you do not want to share with others, then save the PDF file. The resulting PDF file will be void of any personal information.
  • Need a note for doing the above on a Mac... I know Leopard prompts you when creating the PDF file, much like PDFCreator does on PCs.

Annotating PDF files

Mac: Preview.app since Leopard (10.5) can annotate PDF files and save annotations (comments, lines, boxes, highlights, etc.).

Windows: Adobe Professional may be used. However, the PDFX Viewer provides annotating functionality for free: http://www.docu-track.com/download/PDFXVwer.zip

Merging/adding PDF files

Mac: Preview.app can merge PDF files via drag and drop.

Windows: PDFCreator can merge files. In addition, PDFTK Builder has a very easy interface for merging/adding one PDF file to another: http://www.angusj.com/pdftkb/#pdftkbuilder

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