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==== Recommended Camera Settings ====
==== Recommended Camera Settings ====
===== Camera Setup Settings =====
===== Camera Setup Settings =====
*Aspect Conv: Letterbox
*Aspect Conv: Squeeze
===== Recording Setup Menu =====
===== Recording Setup Menu =====

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Panasonic DVX100


The Panasonic AG-DVX100 is the video camera used in support of Sight and Sound II in the Film and Media Culture Department. We have three different versions of this camera ("100", "100A", "100B") and each version has minor differences making it important to identify the model AND customize settings BEFORE shooting. This camera records to miniDV tape in NTSC format at a resolution of 720 x 480. It has the ability to record in 24p mode which mimics the frame rate aesthetics of film.

Recommended Camera Settings

Camera Setup Settings
  • Aspect Conv: Squeeze
Recording Setup Menu
  • Rec Speed: SP
  • Audio Rec: 16bit
  • Mic ALC: Off
  • Mic Gain1: Off
  • TCG: Rec Run
  • First Rec TC: Regen
Physical Settings
  • Scene File Dial: F6
  • Focus: Manual
  • Zoom: Manual
  • Iris: Manual (F4.8 -> F11 are preferred with F5.6 being the sweet spot)
  • Shutter: Off (1/50)
  • Gain: L
  • White Balance Switch: Manual A or B
  • ND Filter: Always start with it OFF and adjust as needed depending on your light source

Final Cut Pro Easy Setup

  • Scene File Dial (F5) = DV-NTSC 24p (23.98)
  • Scene File Dial (F6) = DV-NTSC 24p (23.98) Advanced Pulldown Removal


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