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What is Parallels?

Software that let's you run Microsoft Windows on an Intel Mac. Full details: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parallels_Desktop_for_Mac

The Mac is called the "host" OS. The OS running inside parallels is called the "guest" OS.

Misc. Issues

  • No internet access: By default, Parallels uses one of the host's network adapters for internet access. You need to make sure that the adapter Parallels is using has a working network connection. In the lower right corner of the Parallels window there is a network icon. Clicking on this will bring up the available network adapters. Select the one that has a live network connection on your Mac. If Parallels is using the AirPort adapter, you need to make sure that your Mac is connected to a working wireless network. If it's using the built-in Ethernet, you need to make sure your Mac is connected to a working ethernet jack on the wall.
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