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Password changes for Active Directory (E-mail, file servers, and Midd-Unix, aka community) can be made at [http://go.middlebury.edu/activate http://go.middlebury.edu/activate]  
#REDIRECT [[Passwords]]
On college-owned computers, it may be advisable to logout immediately after a password reset, then logging back in with the new password.
NOTE: passwords can be stored by numerous means on a computer.&nbsp; Use of the old password multiple times can lock an account.&nbsp; It is recommended that passwords&nbsp;NOT be stored.&nbsp; If they are, you may need to clear them by whatever means necessary.
Mac OS X stores passwords in the Keychain.&nbsp; From the Finder, select Utilities from the Go, then open Keychain Access.&nbsp; Make sure you can see the list of keychains (View menu), and select the "login" keychain.&nbsp; You may be interested in entries referring to Exchange, mail.middlebury.edu, midd_secure, Tigercat, Classes, Ocelot and the like.&nbsp; It may be advisable to simply delete such entries.
Windows may also have passwords stored for midd_secure or other connections.&nbsp;

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