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=== I KNOW MY PASSWORD and want to change it ===
=== I KNOW MY PASSWORD and want to change it ===

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In the format of username@middlebury.edu, your Middlebury account provides access to authorized services and resources, such as e-mail, the wireless network, cloud storage on Google and OneDrive, printing, software installations, BannerAdmin, Oracle, and more.  You should protect your account with a strong password and keep it safe so it is known only to you.  

Tips for a Successful Midd Password Change

  • Always turn off all mobile devices before changing your network password to avoid account lockouts due to attempted connections using your old password.
  • Whenever practical, change your password while you are on the Middlebury College network.


I KNOW MY PASSWORD and want to change it


Faculty & Staff using a college-issued computer ON the campus network

The preferred method for a password change when you know your current password is to use your computer's operating system, as follows.

Important Note: If you have multiple computers, we recommended using your macOS computer to change your password.

For Windows, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete, then choose "Change a Password."

For MacOS, open Systems Preferences, then Users & Groups. Select your user account, then click the Change Password... button.


ALL STUDENTS; also Faculty & Staff who are either OFF-campus or NOT using a college-issued computer

Change your Midd password using this website http://go.middlebury.edu/changepassword.

Once you return to campus it may be necessary to restart your computer connected to a network to update computer password. macOS will require a wireless password be updated.




I DON'T KNOW MY PASSWORD and need to reset it


In cases where the Midd password has been forgotten, faculty, staff, and students ALL use this link to reset their password:

    http://go.middlebury.edu/resetpassword   (User ID in username@middlebury.edu format)


Other Middlebury Accounts


Password Policy and Guidelines

Our password policy can be found here, along with pointers about how to create strong passwords:


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