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== How to Install Perceptive Content ==
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=== Install the software (Windows only) ===
# For best results, use a wired (Ethernet) connection from '''on-'''campus.
[[Category:Pages with broken file links]]
# Visit https://vigo.middlebury.edu (or use [http://go.middlebury.edu/kss http://go/kss]).
[[Category:Helpdesk Documentation]]
# Log in with your Middlebury username and password; leave the Organization field '''blank'''.<br>
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#* Note:  Your email address will not work on this site; you must use your username.
# Click the blue '''Want Software?''' button.
# Click the blue 'Install Perceptive Content Desktop Client' link.
# Click the blue '''Install''' button.
# You'll be brought to a Download History window.  Be patient, it takes the installer some time to start.  You'll soon see the installation Wizard working.
# When the installation is almost done you may see this error:
# [[File:PerceptiveImageTrayError.png]]
# Don't worry about the error.  Click OK and your installation should be complete.
# Log out of the download site by clicking "Log Out" in the upper right hand of the window.
# Perceptive Content is installed but you need to restart your computer to see it.
# After restarting you should see the Content shortcut, [[File:PerceptiveIcon.png]] on your desktop.  Double-click it to get the login screen.
# If your login screen already shows '''MiddleburyProd''' (see below) above the username then you're all set.  If not follow the instructions under '''Set up a Connection Profile'''.
=== Set up a Connection Profile ===
# In the upper left of the login screen click '''Connection Profiles''', then '''Edit Connection Profiles'''.
# Click the '''Create''' button.  Fill the screen out as show below.
# If you'll be using the test system create one for dev:

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Content for this wiki page has been moved to the TeamDynamix Knowledge Base:


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