Perceptive Content: InstallPerceptiveContent

How to Install Perceptive Content

Install the software (Windows only)

Mac users see...TBD

  1. For best results, use a wired (Ethernet) connection from on-campus.
  2. Visit https://vigo.middlebury.edu (or use http://go/kss).
  3. Log in with your Middlebury username and password; leave the Organization field blank.
    • Note: Your email address will not work on this site; you must use your username.
  4. Click the blue Want Software? button.
  5. Click the blue 'Install Perceptive Content Desktop Client' link.
  6. Click the blue Install button.
  7. You'll be brought to a Download History window. Be patient, it takes the installer some time to start. You'll soon see the installation Wizard working.
  8. When the installation is almost done you may see this error:
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