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[[Category:Circulation procedures]]
[[Category:Circulation procedures]]

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These instructions apply to the HP DesignJet T1300 plotter the 2nd Floor Printer Room in Davis Family Library.


To re-fill with paper:

Get paper from the storage room next to the Walk-In HD. Paper is in 100-feet rolls, inside cardboard box.

Pull up long cover from paper area.

Take out paper roll from plotter: put the black plastic end on the floor, blue end in your hands.

Slide new paper onto roll. Gently push down onto blue end. Looking down at it, the paper should be curling around the roll clockwise. Cut or gently tear off three pieces of adhesive tape.

Replace roll in plotter: blue end is on the left, black end on the right.

Roll paper down into the feeder area (labeled with a “1”) until it grabs.
Close the door.

On the screen, select 100 ft. heavy-coated paper or HW (heavy weight)

After paper is in properly:


-- Home on the screen --> tools (wrench icon) --> paper --> form feed and cut

Do this 4-5 times to remove the section of paper that was taped.


To change ink cartridges:

If plotter says it is getting low, wait until it is out completely – printing will stop automatically. Don’t change ink before printing stops.
Ink cartridges are kept in the storage closet with the paper.

Plotter screen will tell you which color(s) are needed.

Open the ink door on the left front of the plotter.

Remove the specific color cartridge, discard (no recycling).

Install replacement cartridge in its place.

“MK” means matte black, “PK” is photo black, (Other colors are obvious)

If printing was interrupted by lack of ink, it will resume right where it left off. No need to cancel or restart or ask for a refund.

Lines on the poster may be the result of clogged ink heads:

Screen- Select the following:

-- tools -->image quality --> clear print heads --> clear all

Reasons to restart a job and request a papercut refund

Paper jam
Clogged ink heads (lines on the poster)

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