Our portal, located at http://m.middlebury.edu/ or http://portal.middlebury.edu/, is an area for consolidating information feeds from across campus. Here you can tailor the content you receive to your own interests. The portal shares it's code base with the software that handles our mobile presence, Kurogo, and thus both share many features.

Customizable Modules

Customizable modules allow each individual user to enter their content which is stored separately per user. This content persists across browsers and devices, meaning that you are able to edit navigation items, or other editable content, and have those edits cross over from your phone to your PC or vice versa. Since these are personal customizations these modules may require you to log in.


Links begins with a default set of links which is visible to unauthenticated users. If you log in you can remove any you don’t want, and add any you do. Hit the "Edit" link near the top right to reveal an "add" form and "remove" buttons. If you remove all links, and would potentially have a blank list, the module will automatically repopulate the list with the default links. If you want to rename a link, enter the link again (same URL) with a different name. There is a field for a title and URL for each link.

If you enable this module for either the left or right columns of the portal (drop down in the customize module) you’ll see a panel view of your links.

My Feeds

My Feeds looks like the News module. It aggregates all feeds that you enter into a single feed that includes all items sorted reverse chronologically by post-date. Try adding your own feeds and/or removing ones you don't want. You will see how these combine into a single aggregate feed.

My Feeds also contains a config section accessible via the "Edit" link near the top right. The appearance and functionality are similar to the links module.


The customize module provides a dropdown menu for choosing the modules you'd like to customize, either the nav modules, the left col modules, or the right col modules.

Customize dropdown.png

For left and right column panels (modules) you'll see all of the available modules but by default, but only the default modules will be enabled. From there you may enable or disable modules as you choose.

Cust right column.png

These panels will appear on your portal page in the right column. Similarly if you choose "Left Panels" you can edit the left panel columns.

If you want to toggle on and off the navigation modules that appear in the horizontal bar (blue) then choose "Nav Modules". These modules are all enabled by default. Some modules such as customize may not be editable.

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