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*Change Location to:'''''&nbsp;'''''<b>mfrmd</b>
*Change Location to:'''''&nbsp;'''''<b>mfrmd</b>
*Change status to :'''''&nbsp;'''''<b>o</b>
*Change status to :'''''&nbsp;'''''<b>o</b>
*Change Item Code 2 to :'''''&nbsp;'''''<b>n</b> <i>This will suppress the VHS from public display<i>
note:Existing VHS copies will be retained and transferred to RBMS
note:Existing VHS copies will be retained and transferred to RBMS

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For certain items, we may create a DVD “preservation copy” of a VHS videotape or other format (e.g., a VHS tape is damaged and it is unavailable as a DVD). We have a special i-type with special loan rules so that the preservation copy only circulates within the Library (unless there is special permission for use in a classroom).

Use the MIDCAT record already existing for the original and add notes pertaining to Midd's DVD copy. Do not add a new record to OCLC.

note: For records that look less than complete, research OCLC as the record has likely been updated.

Bib record:
  • 590 Middlebury's preservation copy : DVD format.
  • 533 Videodisc.|bMiddlebury, Vt. : |cMiddlebury College Media Services,|d[2012]|e1 videodisc (165 min.) : sd., b&w ; 4 3/4 in.
New DVD Item record:
  • Copy:no need to use a copy number unless multiple preservation copies are created
  • Location: mmcd
  • Item type:15 Preservation DVD
  • Item message: d RESTRICTED DVD
  • Add message field: Preservation DVD – Library use only
  • Call number: retain the the current MCTR numbering. Make sure the number is coded as "c" and in 099 field and use D instead of V at the end of the number
Existing VHS Item record:
  • Change Location to: mfrmd
  • Change status to : o
  • Change Item Code 2 to : n This will suppress the VHS from public display

note:Existing VHS copies will be retained and transferred to RBMS

  • Band the Preservation copy DVD and the VHS copy together
  • Flag the VHS with Special Collection flag/check RBMS
  • Flag the DVD with P&P slip (as well as green slip for Media) and write "Preservation copy"
  • P&P will add a label to the case that reads: "Produced by Middlebury College Library and Information Services for preservation purposes authorized by 17 USC § 108 of United States copyright law. May not be distributed outside the premises of the Library."

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