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We have implemented a new print release system. Here are the system's main features:

  • The new system requires that you release your print job after printing. A sample situation:
  1. You visit the library, work on a word document and use File => Print to send the print document to the printer.
  2. You visit the print room, login to the print station and click "Print".
  3. The printer prints your document.
  • All of the college's public printers now have a release station in their vicinity.
  • Guests are required to pay for printing, and can buy print cards from the College's stores (Bookstore, MiddExpress, Library Cafe). Guests need to create a printing account (using the print card they purchased). This can be done at the Guest print stations in the Libraries (Main, Music, Armstrong). Guests can use the guest print stations for quick editing and then printing. Print jobs sent from the guests stations need to be released at a regular print release station. More information on guest printing is available here: Guest Printing

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: The print release station logs me out after a few seconds. Do I need to stay logged in for my document to print?
    A: No. You can logout as soon as you click "Print" on the print release station.

  2. Q: A print release station is out of service. Can I use another one?
    A: Yes. Each print release station can be used to release the print jobs of another.

  3. Q: A print release station is not letting me log in. What do I do?
    - Ensure that the ethernet cable is firmly connected on both ends.
    - Ensure that you can use your username and password to login to your college e-mail.
    If both of the above requirements are satisfied and you still are unable to login, then shut down the print release station, wait a few seconds and turn it back on.
    You can shut down the print release station by pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds.

  4. Q: The print release station is not showing the print release software.
    A: Double-click the shortcut on the Desktop named "Print Release Software". If that doesn't work, check FAQ #3 above.
  5. Q: I logged in to the release station and the print jobs displays "Queuing", but nothing is coming out of the printer.
    A: The computer that you used to start the print job is still sending the print data to the print server. Wait for the text "Queuing" to change to "Print". When that happens, click "Print".

  6. Q: I tried all of the troubleshooting steps, but the release station is still not working. What do I do?
    A: Most buildings have several release stations. Try another print release station. If the other release station works, contact the helpdesk (x2200), notifying them of the malfunctioning release station. If the other release station doesn't work for you, contact the Helpdesk as there may be a problem with your College account.