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This document will guide you through installing a printer on a Mac or a PC.

Install a Printer on a PC

For documentation on how to connect to the College's network printers on your PC, please visit Connect_To_Network_Printers_-_Windows

Install a Printer on a Mac

For documentation on how to connect to the College's network printers on your Mac, please visit Connect_To_Network_Printers_-_Mac_OS_X

Canon Printer Drivers Direct Download Link (Mac and PC)

For some reason, the canon website makes it awfully difficult to obtain the drivers. Here's a direct download link for canon printer drivers (mac and pc): http://www.usa.canon.com/html/download/imagerunner.html

Adding printers that have mailbox features

  • These printers may prompt for an ID number before you are able to print (use your college ID or try a blank ID).
  • They may need updated drivers (see above)

Print Release System

See the article on the new Print Release System

Special Printers

Xerox Work Centre 245/255 Documentation

Several locations on campus have Xerox Work Centre 245’s that are capable of making copies, printing documents, sending a FAX, and/or scanning documents. Documentation is available on the Xerox website as well as in our Xerox Work Centre 245-255 Documentation article.

HP DesignJet Z2100

Currently located in CFA340. There are some issues with printing via a print server on Macs, power saving issues, and paper size issues on Macs. See the HP DesignJet Z2100 article for more details.