Printer service and repair

HP Laser Printer and Canon & Kyocera Printer/Copier/Fax Machine Maintenance Program

This message is to inform you of the steps to take if toner cartridge replacement, maintenance or repair is required for your HP laser printer. You will find an aluminum ID tag on your printer or fax machine that looks similar to the one on the right.

ID number >>> Symquest-tag.jpg

Every tag contains the printer or fax machine ID number that is unique to each unit and the 800 number for the SymQuest Stellar printer and fax program call center. Please Note: If your printer has a SymQuest tag, you must order toner from them. The college has an agreement that in turn for ordering toner from them (at a discount of 10%), SymQuest does not charge for labor on repairs of tagged machines. LIS appreciates your compliance with this program.

Should a toner cartridge replacement be indicated, please call the 800 number, provide the ID number from the tag and the College department you are ordering for. The call center representative may ask for a PO number, please use the tag ID number. You may also e-mail your request. Include the above information, and e-mail to toner@symquest.com.

Toner orders ship the same day if placed before 3:00 pm and will arrive the next day—except, of course, during the weekend. A return label is included in the shipping box. Insert the old toner into the box, stick the label on the box and ship it off.

Please note that you are responsible for toner cartridge replacement and clearing paper jams.

Toner for Canon and Kyocera multi-function printer/copier/scanners is on a different agreement and is included. Toner for these machines is automatically sent to the department as toner depletes at no cost to the department

If the printer is in need of maintenance or repair, call the LIS Helpdesk at extension 2200. Be sure to have the printer ID number readily available. Our Helpdesk personnel will be happy to assist with troubleshooting the problem, ensuring that it is indeed a printer problem; not out of toner, a paper jam, network outage or the print server down. Once they determine that the printer needs service, the Helpdesk will contact the Stellar call center. A technician will be dispatched to your location.

I am fairly certain that at least one HP laser printer, and perhaps a Canon fax machine, have escaped the printer and fax "roundup". Your assistance with identifying HP laser printers and Canon fax machines without tags is greatly appreciated. Please direct your messages to the Helpdesk.

Applies to: All printers, copiers and fax machines that have a SymQuest tag.

Xerox Printers

College-owned Xerox printers are not serviced by Symquest. Xerox Work Centre multi-function printer/copier/scan/fax machines are on a maintenance agreement with Xerox Direct.  Call 800.835.6100 for technical support.  Provide the serial number of the machine.  Xerox Direct Supplies can provide parts and supplies - 800.822.2200.

If your Xerox Phaser is not on a maintenance contract, one local company that has been servicing our Xerox printers is Exterus (http://www.exterusbusiness.com/ - 802.658.8225). Departments can contact Exterus for toner, supplies, parts and service.  

Personal Printers

  • Personal inkjet printers are not serviced by LIS. The owner must contact the manufacturer to obtain ink, supplies, parts and service.
  • Departmental inkjet printers such as large plotters and special format printers may be eligible for partial LIS service, limited to installation and configuration. The department must contact the manufacturer to obtain ink, supplies, parts and service. In some cases LIS may assist when calling in for service.

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