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Fastest printing results are obtained when you send print jobs directly from lab or public computers.  You may experience delays when using Web Print from your personally-owned computer.  We recommend that you save your documents in your '''\home''' folder on [http://go.middlebury.edu/servers Middfiles], where they can be easily accessed by any networked computer on campus.
== Follow-Me Printing available, Sept 2013 (go/follow-me) ==
#REDIRECT [[Printing_to_Public_Printers_on_Middlebury_Main_Campus]]
=== What is Follow-Me Printing? ===
Follow-Me Printing allows you to print to a single virtual print queue, then go to any participating print release station to release your print job(s).  Presently, Follow-Me print jobs can be released from any of six different stations on campus.  Changing your mind no longer means having to resubmit your print request!
=== Which printers can “Follow Me”? ===
'''BIH203K''' Bicentennial Hall 203
'''LIB142''' Davis Family Library 142
'''LIB242''' Davis Family Library 242
'''LIB242K''' Davis Family Library 242
'''LIB303''' Davis Family Library 303
'''SDL121K''' Sunderland 121
View a [http://www.middlebury.edu/offices/technology/help/technology/printing/locations complete list of public printer locations & functionality].
=== How to use Follow-Me Printing on a lab (or public) computer ===
For fastest results, use Follow-Me Printing on a lab computer.  It’s easy to do this when your documents are safely stored on [http://go.middlebury.edu/servers Middfiles].
# Select '''FollowMeBW''' from the drop-down list when choosing a printer.
# Proceed to any of the six participating print release station locations (see list above) and log on with your Middlebury username and password.
# Release your print job by clicking “Print” located on the right-hand side.
=== How to use Follow-Me Printing on PaperCut’s Web Print ===
Follow the [[Student_Printing_and_Quotas#.C2.A0Printing_from_Your_Own_Computer:_Web_Print.C2.A0|WebPrint]] instructions, selecting '''FollowMeBW''' in step 3 to print documents from your personally-owned computer.  Please note that you may experience delays.  For fastest results, submit your print job from a lab computer using the instructions above.
== General Printing Instructions ==
=== Option 1 - Print from a lab computer or public computer ===
#Log in to a college computer in the library or any of our public computer labs.
#Access and open your document from the Middfiles server, from your USB drive, or wherever you stored it.
#Send the print job to the printer. In most programs, you can do this by going to '''File''' -> '''Print''' or by pressing [[Image:Key Ctrl.PNG]] + [[Image:Key P.PNG]].
#*''Note which printer your document is being sent to if you are NOT using Follow-Me Printing.'' The job can only be printed from that printer.
#Find the printer that the document is being sent to. There should be a '''Print Release Station''' next to the printer.
#Log into the '''Print Release Station''' using your Middlebury username and password. You should see your document listed on the "To Print" list. Click "Print" to release the document.
=== Option 2 - Print Using Papercut's WebPrint ===
Use WebPrint and print from your own computer to one of our public printers. See [[Student_Printing_and_Quotas#.C2.A0Printing_from_Your_Own_Computer:_Web_Print.C2.A0|WebPrint]] for details.
== Please conserve resources!  ==
You can reduce the environmental impact of printing your papers by following some simple recommendations outlined below.
*Don’t print e-reserve or other web source material unless truly necessary. Instead of printing the entire document, take notes while reading it on the computer to help you remember important points.
*Always print double-sided. Thankfully, this is the default on Middlebury College’s printers.
*Use '''Print Preview''' (under the '''File''' menu) to see how your document looks before printing.
*When printing a draft, print multiple pages on one sheet. This can be surprisingly readable at 2-4 pages per sheet. It becomes a tremendous paper-saving technique when you combine this capability with double-sided printing!
*Please print one copy only of your documents and use the copy machines to generate additional copies, if needed.<br>
== Troubleshooting Your Print Job  ==
If your printed document is not in the output tray of the printer when you go to get it, do NOT simply go back to your computer and resend the print request. Try to determine why it didn’t print and correct the problem. You can do the following to troubleshoot a print job.<br>1. Check to verify that the printer is powered on. You should see indications such as a Ready indicator in an LED window, or a lit Power indicator. If there is no such indication, locate the power switch and toggle it to ON.<br>2. Verify that the printer you sent it to is the same as the physical printer on which you expect to find the print job. To do so, return to the sending computer, begin a print request, check the printer name, then press Cancel. Do NOT resend the print job!<br>3. Check for printer errors:<br>• Look at the LED window for any textual indication of an error. If there is one, write it down.<br>• Furthermore, check the computer for errors:<br>
'''If you printed from a Mac:'''<br>
Use the Printer Setup Utility to check the status of your print job:<br>a. From the [[Image:Apple.png]] menu, select System Preferences.<br>b. Click [[Image:Print and fax mac.jpg]].<br>c. Check the status message next to the printer's icon. <br>
'''If you printer from a PC:'''<br>
- Click on the Start menu, click on Control Panel (or Settings =&gt; Control Panel) and double-click the Printers and&nbsp;Faxes icon.<br>
- Check the status message next to the printer's icon. <br>
4. If the printer seems to be out of order, please help us help you by calling the Helpdesk at x2200. Don’t simply put up an Out Of Order sign and hope someone who can fix it notices. Please give the Helpdesk as much information as possible including location, error messages, printer make and model number (found on the top or front of the printer’s plastic case).<br>5. Also call the Helpdesk at x2200 if you can’t determine what the problem is, they may be able to guide you over the phone.<br><br>
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