Procedures for Processing Equipment

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  • Create 1 bib record per "title" no matter how many peripherals (cables, disks, batteries, etc.) are included

Example: Panasonic portable CD player

  • Create separate bib records for different models

Examples: Sony LCD projector'Mitsubishi LCD projector

  • If equipment is a kit that includes peripherals all in 1 container, include message field in item record reading "Check for . . . . . " List total number of peripherals and kind

Example: Check for 5 items: 1 disk in camera, 1 AV cable; 1 USB cable, 1 AC power adaptor; 1 power adaptor cable

  • Include replacement cost of main item if known
  • Use official inventory number for volume designation if it is on item

Example: MC#109

  • Attach barcode to main item only, not peripherals
  • If equipment is in a container that needs "luggage tag" that lists all components, alert P& P personnel or add yourself using "Capco" laminate
  • Catalog most guides separately unless they fit easily into a kid or it seems obvious that users may need to refer to them (e.g., LCD projectors)
  • Laptops: There are 2 kinds of loaners (whether PC or iBook) -- 4-hour checkout for use within building; faculty/staff loaners for use outside building

~ 4-hour checkout: need security strip
~ Loaners: no security strip; need property label on top