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See specific wiki pages for detailed procedures<br>
*Reshelving at all locations<br>
*End of semester - Davis Family Library - prioritize re-shelving, and getting materials back on the shelf before tackling searching and reserve pick-ups<br>
*Shelf reading at branches<br>
*Map Collection at Armstrong<br>
*Gov Docs Collection at Armstrong
*New books<br>
*Reserves from previous semester - shelve directly to stacks<br><br>
'''Reserves''' - see Procedures
*Eres scanning
*Eres links checking
*Other projects as assigned/needed; assign checking Eres docs/links<br>
Past semester<br>
*Reshelve reserve and media collection<br>
*Remove green dots from Reserve books, and yellow stickers from media<br>
*Pull from reserves: personal copies of books and media, and browsing media<br>
*Prepare personal copies for&nbsp; pick-up by faculty<br>
*Organize faculty Eres materials for pick-up by faculty<br>
*Dust media and reserve shelving<br>
*Read media shelves<br>
*Pull, process and box up BLVT, BLWC materials - summer only<br>
Upcoming semester<br>
*Process and shelve new reserve materials<br>
'''Carrels and Lockers &amp; Keys''' - see Procedures
*End of term due date and returns<br>
*Clean-up and inventory<br>
*Sweep and clearing non-assigned carrels<br>
*Clear assigned carrels and lockers after graduation<br>
*Key maintenance: Overdue keys, borrower account messages, replacement, repair, prepare for next semester use; carrel maps; carrel labels; review policies and borrower guidelines; Info for Seniors (with RDS/liaisons); marketing, communication, policies, user agreements, user and staff documentation, web info; LS carrel suite signs<br>
'''Loaner Equipment''' - see Procedures
*Inventory and cleaning
*Maintenance, imaging, repair, replacement; stats; meet/plan with other workgroups for inventory/equipment needs/requests
*Laptops - cleaning, re-imaging, inventory, repair, replacement, maintenance, upgrades <br><br>
'''Library hours''' - see Guidelines
*Stats gathered, recorded and posted; feedback gathered<br>
*Review guidelines and set facility hours - annually in July and in advance of each semester<br>
*Post hours on the web<br>
*Collaborate with building coordinator to post hours @ front and back doors; check signage for accuracy, notify Public Safety as needed<br>
'''Lib Circ Mailbox''' - see Guidelines
Sort and file
*Follow-up on outstanding issues
'''Staff Schedules'''<br>
*Review college calendar, library hours, effect on circulation workflow, ensure adequate staffing for Circ, Reserves, and Stacks for semester and recess ahead; update contact info
'''Student staff '''<br>
*Schedules - note activity from previous years to asssit with scheduling; ensure adequate coverage for projects<br>
*Management, hiring, scheduling on Outlook, policies, rosters, documentation, handbook, reviews/evaluations, updates, training, celebrations, etc.
'''Hold shelves'''<br>
*Within the semester - do not clear Holdshelf during breaks within semesters, no-clear period to include last day of classes prior to break and 2 days following the break period (as listed on the college calendar)<br>
*End of/between semesters - clear Holdshelf <br>
*Reports, "view holds" and inventory to ensure accuracy of Holdshelf; clear expired NExpress and ILL - in addition to related weekly tasks<br>
*NExpress - in addition to weekly tasks - clear received date older than 1 week (may not have been checked in properly; clear NExpress system holds and process a "return" to lending libraries<br>
*ILL - remove items with expired due dates<br>
*Review holds and cancel holds on Midd items that areavaialble in NExpress<br>
'''Billing '''<br>
*Process missing, paid, billed, claims returned items; replacement requests, credits/refunds for items returned
'''ILS system/Millennium'''<br>
*Review tables &amp; parameters: days closed, hours open, loan rules and tables, etc.<br>
*Research enhancements<br>
'''User Documentation'''<br>
*Guides, handbooks, web updates
'''Collections Stewardship'''<br>
*Bindery/P&amp;P projects at branches
*Browsing Book Collection – collaborate with CM on shelf reading and weeding etc.; shifting shelves as necessary
*Foreign Langauge Browsing Book Collection - collaborate with CM on shelf reading and weeding etc.; shifting shelves as necessary <br>
*DVD Browsing Collection – read shelves; read shelf sleeves; re-labeling; collaborate with CM on labeling, shelf reading and weeding etc.; shelf shifting as needed
*Media Collection - maintenance: shelf-reading, replacement, repair, shifting, dusting
*Searching – in collaboration with CM, Stacks
*Follow-up on missing, claims returned, check-in errors
'''Borrower data base'''
*Maintenance; patron messages/notes; guests; auditors; educators; alums; Winter Term; faculty transitions lists; new faculty; documentation; policies; loan rules; patron types
*Patron Loads - see procedures: academic year; summer - LS at Mills, LS at Midd, BLSE, BLWC; changes to staff and faculty employemtn status, office locations, positions etc.
*Guest Borrowers - update documentation and internal procedures, web, forms, brochures, signage, etc.<br>
'''Web pages'''<br>
*Updates, review policies, guidelines and content – check links, typos, errors, edit<br>
'''Workflows, Projects, Goals and Reports'''<br>
*Create Lists and follow up – the “too long” reports: overdues; view holds by status; item and patron messages and notes; billed; clm ret; in repair; NExpress
*Review past semester activity and stats, workflows<br>
*Review project list for upcoming break period<br>
*Planning for semester ahead<br>
*Review and set priorities for projects and goals – individually and with team <br>
*Procedures, Forms and Documentation - update, review, copy <br>
'''Work Space'''<br>
*Organize &amp; clean shared and individual work areas, circ desks; check supplies and forms; inventory, make copies and order as needed
*Departmental files – review, clean up – paper &amp; electronic<br>
'''Lost and Found''' - end of the semester - see Procedures
'''Displays/Public Spaces - collaborate with Building Coordinator'''<br>
*Setup or take-down as needed<br>
*Atrium/lobby a welcoming and interesting space; review college events and calendar as it effects visitor traffic; feature foreign language titles during LS<br>
*New Books <br>
*Bulletin boards - check public bulletin boards for outdated notices; departmental bulletin boards <br>
*Cleaning and maintenance
*Wipe/vacuum bottom inside of the cabinet at least once/month
*Wipe lens of the Item Scanner with a dry soft cloth
*Blow out/clean the Optic Eye located on the guide where the hole is (with cotton swab or pressurized air)
*Clean stainless steel with with silicone base solution
*Clean touch screen monitor with soft clean cloth and distilled water. DO NOT USE WINDEX OR OTHER AMMONIA BASE PRODUCTS.<br>
*Check inventory - order, revise and copy as needed<br>
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