Putting Online Video into FCP

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The following instructions serve a step by step guide to download video from an online source and make compatible for editing in Final Cut Pro

With Video Download Helper:

  • Launch your preferred web browser (either Firefox or Safari.)
  • Go to the site hosting the video you wish to download.
  • Allow the video a few seconds to load or begin buffering, then verify that the Video Download Helper icon is animated and in full color.
  • Verify that the Headphone Amp is on by checking the green LED light on the front of the amp.
  • Log in using your middlebury username and password.
  • Launch Final Cut Pro.
  • Save your project by selecting File -> Save Project As ->
  • Input "ProjectName" and choose "Xsan_Media/CourseName/YourName" for your save destination. Choose Save.
  • Choose an Easy Setup by selecting Final Cut Pro -> Easy Setup ->
Final Cut Pro -> Easy Setup
  • Choose the Easy Setup based on the camera that was used to record the media being edited.

Panasonic PV-GS500


Pansonic DVX-100

DV-NTSC 24p (23.98) - if you shot on F5 Mode or

DV-NTSC 24p (23.98) Advanced Pulldown Removal - if you shot on F6 Mode

Sony V1U

Apple ProRes 422

Sony EX1

XDCAM EX 1080p24 if you shot on HQ 1080/24P or

XDCAM EX 1080i60 if you shot on HQ 1080/60i

Easy Setup -> Choose "DV NTSC"
  • Delete "Sequence 1" from the Browser. Choose File->New->Sequence. This creates a brand new sequence based on the Easy Setup that you chose in the step before this.
Final Cut Pro -> New -> Sequence
  • Select Final Cut Pro -> System Settings -> to set the scratch disk where captured media will be saved.
Final Cut Pro -> System Settings
  • Select the "Set" button -> and choose "Xsan_Media/CourseName/YourName/YourProject".
Click on the top "Set" button
Choose "Xsan_Media/CourseName/YourName".
  • Set the AutoSave location by selecting "Set" and choose "Workspace/YourName/YourProject". Setting this location to the local "Workspace" drive ensures that you will always have a backup available if anything happens to the Xsan.
  • Select OK to save the settings.


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