Quick Guide LibraryH3lp

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ACCESS THE LIBRARYH3LP CHAT CLIENT LibraryH3lp is the new chat client that will replace Meebo. You each have your own chat client login. Logging in with your own account allows you to do two things not possible in Meebo.

    1)  Have multiple librarians logged in and monitoring the same chat service (much like when staffing L-Net) and
2)  Transfer chats to another librarian if needed (e.g.  transfer end-of-shift chat to next shift librarian.)

Libraryh3lp client login.png

To login go to:http://libraryh3lp.com/webchat/

Note: use all lower-case for your username: your password is case-sensitive

The first time you login, please change your password (initially set to: valleylibrary)

Check your buddy list to see if your colleagues are there. If a buddy is missing, add a buddy using this format: username@libraryh3lp.com ( standard librarian username is vlibXXXXX).