RDA Quick Guide (Local)

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MARC Field Information Examples
040 $e rda
100 $c more frequent use $c Jr.
100 $d hyphen before death date,hypeh after birth date, no b. or d. ; active, not fl
100 $e add relators $e author
110 $a spell out Dept.
110 $e add relators
130 $p remove O.T. and N.T. between Bible & name of individual books. Spell out for whole $a Old Testament
245 [sic] or bracketed additional letters no longer used after typos. Create 246 with corrected title spellings
245 $h [GMD] Obsolete. Do not use See 3xx fields
245 $c may transcribe all authors, regardless o number. Transcribe degrees, titles, Jr., Rev, the late, etc.
245 $c a noun phrase associated with the author is included in $c, not $b 245 $a Burr /$ca novel by Gore Vidal ; but, 245$a Burr : $b a novel / $c Gore Vidal
250 No abbreviations Second edition
300 Spell out p., v., ill. hr., in., min. rpm. sec. still OK; cm, im, m without period considered symbols
600 Includes all personal names, including fictitious, religious
700 May trace all authors
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