Re-imaging circulating laptops

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When a fac/staff laptop gets returned, circ staff should follow these steps to clear it before it goes out again.


  • Upon check in, log in as yourself
  • In the upper right corner, click on the magnifying glass to search.
  • Type in Self Service, then enter
  • It should default to "Loaners" (in the menu on the right), and there should be three items in the folder. (Adobe, Express delete, and OS). Apply all three things.
  • Shut down the computer


  • Login as yourself
  • From the start menu search box, type c:/lis
  • Double click "clean me"
  • Click YES
  • In the black window there will be text that says "Delete inactive profiles on COMPUTER (so and so) (Yes/No). Type Y for yes.
  • The program will run, then say "Done. Press any key to continue..."
  • Shut down
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