Re-imaging circulating laptops

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When a fac/staff laptop gets returned, circ staff should follow these steps to clear it before it goes out again.


  • Upon check in, log in as yourself
  • In the upper right corner, click on the magnifying glass to search.
  • Type in Self Service, then enter
  • It should default to "Loaners" (in the menu on the right), and there should be four items in the folder. (Adobe, Express delete, Delete WiFi network list, and OS). Apply all four things.
  • Shut down the computer


  • Login as yourself
  • From the start menu search box, type c:/lis
  • Double click "clean me"
  • Click YES
  • In the black window there will be text that says "Delete inactive profiles on COMPUTER (so and so) (Yes/No). Type Y for yes.
  • The program will run, then say "Done. Press any key to continue..."
  • Shut down
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