Recommended Computer Mics

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You may want a higher quality computer microphone for making calls or recordings.

  • You will have the best audio quality if you use a headset. We recommend the Plantronics Audio 478. The headset has digital signal processing the eliminates echo.
  • If a headset is not suitable for your use, you can use the microphone that's built in your computer or webcam. If this does not provide sufficient quality and you cannot use the above headset, you should use a desktop USB microphone (on a stand, to eliminate noise from the desk). We recommend the [1]. Place this away from the computer speakers to prevent echo.
  • If you need to have several people use the same mic in the room, we recommend the Jabra Speak 410 speakerphone. To eliminate echo, you need to set this speakerphone as the audio output (so the sound comes out of it, not the computer speakers)

Keep in mind that some laptops, as well as most Macs, require a powered mic, so a mic with a 3.5mm mic connector may not work, unless your computer has a dedicated mic jack. A mic jack is typically colored pink (see this picture).

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