Reconnecting Offline Media

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The Final Cut Pro work flow is designed so that when the user makes edits/cuts to his footage, he is not actually altering the original clip files but rather referencing specific parts of those files. This means that Final Cut Pro must be able to locate each of the original files captured from the MiniDV tape and saved onto the hard drive in order to play back the video. If Final Cut Pro can no longer locate the source file it is referencing, an error message, "Media Offline", will appear in the viewer/canvas and the offline clip in the browser will have a red strike through it. This error message usually occurs when the user has moved the source file to a different folder or to his external hard drive.

If the user encounters this message, he can right click on the offline clip and scroll to "Reconnect Media". A Final Cut Pro Window opens up, which allows the user to either locate or search for the file. If the user knows where to locate the source file manually then he can select locate (if not he can select search and search for it). Once the file is located, click open. In the Final Cut Pro pop up window, the file then moves from "Files To Connect" to "Files Located". Finally, click connect and the file is successfully reconnected.

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