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Recycling At Middlebury

(kudos to Missy Beckwith (Facilities Services) and Jeff Rehbach)

Recycling is available for nearly all computer-related equipment and supplies. Unless otherwise noted, the following procedures may be used by all students, staff, and faculty.

Ink jet cartridges Send ink jet cartridges to the Recycling Center via campus mail.
Laser printer toner cartridges If you have the return label we send them back.

If it is empty and not one that goes back to the company, toss it in with the regular trash. Ribbon type can go in any recycle container. If you happen to have one with toner still in it that is not one that gets sent back. Put it in a plastic bag and then into one of our recycle containers.

Power cords, printer cables,

AC adapters, etc.

All of these can be taken to the recycling center. They are shipped out with computers and electronics for off-campus recycling by Good Point Recycling. When Good Point puts units together for reuse, these items come in handy. Also, people come to the recycling center looking for these items because theirs is lost or damaged, and often find what they are looking for.
CDs, DVDs, computer diskettes* Send these via campus mail to the Recycling Center
Disk drives, external hard disks, etc.* Send to the Recycling Center and they are passed on to Good Point.
PDAs,* iPods, headphones, speakers Send to the Recycling Center and they are passed on to Good Point.
Cell phones Contact Robert Keren, College Communications (ext. 2095), who is collecting used phones on behalf of the Middlebury Rotary Club. Proceeds from re-sale of the phones (with SIM card removed) go to community projects.

Personal computers*, laptops*,

monitors, printers

College-owned equipment is collected by LIS when your system is upgraded. Personal machines: Students may contact Recycling Center (ext. 3087) Faculty/staff home personally owned hardware: see note below.

Electronics and computer equipment (as small as a cell phone, as big as a TV or computer system*) should never be placed in the trash. Instead, they should be handled by the local Solid Waste District station (Addison County's is on Route 7 South).

  • Before recycling computers and peripherals, be sure to delete all your files and programs.

Addison County Solid Waste Management District services towns that are members of the District. A few towns in Addison County choose not to be part of the District: Salisbury, for instance, is not part of the district but offers electronics recycling at the Salisbury Landfill. It's best to contract your town clerk, landfill or Waste Management District for specific local information, or check for a website for your district.

Vermont's Waste Management Districts, along with websites for each, as well as contact information are listed on the web: http://www.anr.state.vt.us/dec/wastediv/solid/swmdlist.htm.

New York also has a website that lists all of its Recycling Centers by towns, and includes information about electronics recycling: http://www.recyclingcenters.org/New_York/.

Some Middlebury College resources detailing what else Midd recycles:



See: http://www.apple.com/environment/recycling/



Dell recycles most product for free. It also lets you donate them. For details see: http://www.dell.com/recycling

Other Manufacturers

Please check the manufacturer's support page for details.

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