Remote Assistance


  • Remote Assistance by invitation - for use by LIS student consultants
This method requires the customer to ask for help by sending an invitation.  Here's how they do this from their computer:
Start --> Help and Support --> Invite a friend to connect to your computer with Remote Assistance.
Click "Invite someone to help you". 
The customer can click the Address Book link to browse for your email address, then click "Invite this person" to send you their request for help.

  • Remote Assistance (launch from Heat => Initiate Remote Assistance Session) - only Helpdesk staff have permission to use this
    • On Vista the above won't work. However, you can add a shortcut to your Desktop for offering remote assistance: Right-click on a blank spot, New => Create Shortcut => Enter msra => Next => Name it something pretty => Finish.
    • On Vista you can also click on the Start button, and enter msra in the search box.
  • Blonde Lady
    • software for customers can be found (and zipped/e-mailed) here: \\middfiles\Software\Software-Windows...
    • software for consultants can be found here: \\middfiles\Software\Software-Windows...
  • VNC
  • Remote Desktop (drawback: customer gets logged out)


  • Apple Remote Desktop (do not have enough licenses)
  • Built-in VNC
  • OSXVnc
  • MiddVnc (newer images)
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