Remote Desktop Services


The Middlebury College Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Cluster was created to allow for the running of applications or web pages that can't or shouldn't be run on a standard Middlebury desktop or laptop computer.

The infrastructure is created in such a way that it is redundant and can be scaled by adding more resources as necessary. Rather than replacing Servers when they reach end of life and having to connect to a new Server, we can replace Servers in the RDS Cluster without the need for changing the connection method.

The main reason behind providing this service now, is two of the existing Servers people connect to (Bethpage and Coal) have reached end of life and are no longer supported, so we need to retire them.

What Servers Are Being Replacing?

The RDS Cluster is meant to replace Bethpage, Coal, and eventually Rosefinch. If you currently use any of those servers, you will need to become familiar with the new service.

What Programs or Applications Can be Run?

Currently, the following are configured:

  • Hyperion Studio
  • Perceptive Content (Often Referred to as Content 7)
  • Hyperion IRC
  • Banner INB
  • Famis
  • NolijWeb
  • Hyperion Stategic Finance is currently NOT available but will be getting added soon.

What if I Don't Use Any of The Items Listed?

As computers are upgraded to newer Operating Systems, we may find that some existing Business Processes are no longer compatible. We can use this system to run these processes while keeping individual computers up to date. You may not use the system now, but could end up needing to use it in the future.

How do I Get Connected?

Links to instructions for PC and Mac connections are below. Click on the one that applies to you.

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