Replacing items: procedures

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Replacing Items

• Circ/Dan creates lists of MISSING and IN TRANST and LOST AND PAID items
• Circ staff physically searches stacks based on the monthly list, updates the status of found items
• Dan runs another list every 3 months - this includes items missing for 3-6 month (eg, the Jan. 3-month list includes items missing since the preceding July-Sept. period). These items are not re-searched.
• Video titles → Steve for determination
• Other items on this list are separated into two lists:

A. Items to be replaced:
o Titles with imprints from last 2 years → replaced (eg, in 2011, we’ll auto replace 2010-11 imprints)
o Titles with 5+ circs → replaced proactively
Dan notifies Michele who places replacement orders
• will delete item records marked “lost and paid” or “missing” when order record is created or if we already own mulitple copies so an additional copy is not needed. Can just do that manually in midcat.
• Keep track of this number (of item records deleted) by format and add to WITHDRAWN AND RECLASSED STATS googledoc

• When added edition is purchased as replacement instead of added copy and we do not own any other copies of this edition, mark bib record to be deleted (bib code 3 : D. Will be deleted when report is run; no need to mark item record for deletion).

• If bib records being deleted do not have 001 fields they have to be manually canceled on OCLC. Send these to Michael. This is to be sure OCLC holdings will be removed.

B. Items to be withdrawn
o Item record marked for withdrawal by Dan; actually withdrawn according to Michael’s schedule.

With these procedures items should not keep reappearing on Dan's replacement lists.

If a withdrawn and replaced missing item is finally found or returned we can either cancel an open order or will will retain

duplicate copies.

1/30/2012 mchugh

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