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==== Materials in Storage  ====
If the material you need is shelved in a closed area, please email library_circulation@middlebury.edu with title details to request a retrieval. Materials shelved in closed areas will display in the catalog with an email link. Most materials can be retrieved within a day, but please allow extra time for closed periods.
==== I'm impressed you even found this page!  It is waiting to be deleted.  Sorry for any confusion. ====
==== Notify me when returned  ====
NOTE: This option is not available during the summer - see below. &nbsp;Click on the “notify me when available” button to request that an item out on loan to another borrower be held for you when it is returned. When the item is returned, it will be put on hold for you and you will get an email indicating it is ready for pick-up. Please note that this does not change or shorten the due date of the title. If you need it sooner than the due date listed in the Library catalog, please place a request through NExpress (fast and easy by clicking the NExpress logo displayed next to the title), or if unavailable in the NExpress catalog, place a request via ILL, or submit a purchase request. If not available by any other means, you can request a recall by contacting library_circulation@middlebury.edu.<br>
==== Requesting a retrieval - Summer only  ====
During the summer sessions, materials that are "available" status in the Library Catalog may be requested for retrieval.  Click on the “Place Request” button to have the book held at your desired location.  For items that are checked out, the button will place a hold on the item and you will be notified when it gets returned.
==== Place on Reserve  ====
For faculty use only.
Click on this link to request that a single title be placed on Reserve.
For requesting multiple titles/long lists, we suggest the use of the "shopping cart" function in the Library catalog
==== Bookings  ====
*Materials that may be booked will display a "PLACE RESERVATION" button in [http://biblio.middlebury.edu/search~S2 MIDCAT]
*This includes most loaner equipment and media materials that are needed for class screenings
*Contact library_circulation@middlebury.edu to request a booking OR try web self-booking
*Reservations and bookings can be viewed/confirmed in [https://biblio.middlebury.edu/patroninfo My MIDCAT]
*Media bookings are not intended for personal reservations
*Films on Reserve may only be booked for class screenings by the faculty screening the film or the person designated by the faculty member to screen the film
==== How to place a web/self booking  ====
*Search and locate item in [http://biblio.middlebury.edu/search~S2 MIDCAT]<br>
*Click on "PLACE RESERVATION" button (located above item information in the Catalog)<br>
*Sign in (self-booking requires authentication)<br>
*Select location. For example, there may be an item at the Davis Family and Science libraries. Please select the item at the location where you would like to pick up the item.<br>
*Select start date and time<br>
*If there is more than one item available for booking, you will be presented with a list of available items. Select the item you want to book.<br>
*Select end time and date<br>
*Items on Reserve may be booked for a maximum of 4 hours.<br>
*Booking periods are tied to loan periods. If you need an item booked for longer than is allowed, please contact us via [mailto:library_circulation@middlebury.edu email].
*Include any special instructions in the "Note" field.<br>
*Click on "SUBMIT" button<br>
*Films scheduled for classroom screenings may be used outside the Libraries; please return immediately after the screening
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I'm impressed you even found this page!  It is waiting to be deleted.  Sorry for any confusion.

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