Routers and Wireless Access Points

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Routers and Airport wireless devices need to be configured by us for two main reasons:

  • We need to register them manually.
  • DHCP must be turned off so that the router is not assigning manual IP addresses to its computers. The "router" part of the router or Airport must be disabled so that it functions only as a wireless access point.


  1. Turn on MacBook. Plug airport in via Eth downlink to computer, then plug in power but do NOT plug in WAN uplink.
  2. Check network settings to ensure that computer is getting connectivity via Eth port, but the address should be 192... or 169..., not 140.233.... That means that the Airport router is working and isn't connected to the wider internet.
  3. Open utilities -> Airport Setup Utility (CD in Helpdesk if not auto installed). ASU should detect your Airport after some searching.
  4. Enter "Manual Setup" and configure the Airport accordingly: register according to MAC address, DHCP should be off...
  1. Unplug power from the Airport, plug in Eth from WAN network, plug back in. If settings are correct, when the airport reinitializes, it should get a 140.233 address and the computer connected to it should also get a 140.233 address (while connected by wire).
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