SDL Dana Video And Computer Projection

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When you tap "Press to Begin" the blue curtains covering the screen will open.

Choose your projection source from the top of the screen.

USB-C and HDMI cables are available on the podium.

Podium Computer To log in, you must enter your full email address and password. In the past, we only needed to enter out username (not @middlebury.edu)

AirPlay - On Mac Computers, You may have a shortcut in your menu bar located at the top right of your screen. It looks like a rectangle with a triangle inverted into the bottom. Click on that and choose the Apple TV. If you don't have the shortcut, Open System Preferences > Displays > Click drop down menu for AppleTV options, enter the 4-digit code that appears on the screen.

On an iPhone or iPad, slide your finger down from the very top ride side of the screen to access your Control Center and tap on the icon that looks like a rectangle half covering another rectangle.

Anything labeled Booth and DCP are for Media Services use only.

Additional Controls

Audio - The Audio tab allows you to control the volume of each of the 4 wireless microphones available in the rack.

Curtain and Masking. There are several screen ratio presets available.

Lighting - You will notice there is an option labeled Lights with presets All On, Presentation, Video, and All Off. There is also a tab labeled Lighting. The tab Lighting takes you to another screen with more controls. All the lights have faders and you can set the different groups to the setting of your choice.

Volume - There is volume control for any device that is connected to the system. It is a slider on the right side of the screen.

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