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See also: [http://go.middlebury.edu/media go/media] for guides to each classroom.
#REDIRECT [[Labs and Classrooms]]
== Computer Projection  ==
*VGA cable is connected firmly to correct port (blue color, typically)
*System has powered ON
*Projector is ON
**If the projector is on, it will project a message in one of the corner, at least indicating it is ON
*Dell laptops: Press the Function (Fn) key and the F8 key together (Fn+F8), then wait a few seconds
**This toggles the display mode so the laptop is using its LCD, as well as the VGA connection
*Other PC laptops may have a similar keyboard combination, usually indicated by the symbolic representation of a computer screen
*If your laptop's LCD is showing your Desktop, but the LCD is only projecting your desktop background:
**Right-click on a blank spot on the Desktop:
**Vista: select "Personalize"
**XP: select "Display Properties" <br>TBD
<br> --- Also see [[PC laptop projection problems]]  
== Password Protected Classrooms  ==
The audio/visual equipment in Dana Auditorium, Sunderland 110, Twilight Auditorium, and the Old Chapel boardroom is password protected. Please contact the Helpdesk x2200 for the passwords. Helpdesk staff can visit the [http://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wiki/hi Internal Wiki] for more information.

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