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To begin

  1. Open CONTENTdm Project Client
  2. Create a project if you haven't already
  3. Create a metadata template for your project with default information for the following fields
    • Physical description: leaves
    • Date submitted (default type = date): 2012 (or current year)
    • Degree: B.A.
    • Language: English
    • Genre: thesis
    • Rights: Copyright retained by author.
    • Collection: Scholarship at Middlebury
    • Type of media: text
    • Digital format: application/pdf
    • Cataloger: [your initials]
  4. Click Processing
  5. Under PDF File Conversion, choose Convert multiple-page PDF files to compound objects

Add item (one at a time)

  1. Click Add item from left menu
  2. Specify file: browse to middfiles folder (usually \orgs\LIS\NITLE DSpace)
  3. Click Add button