Selective Backup

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How to selectively backup and export:



Word, Excel, PowerPoint, iWork, PDFs, few pictures, should all go to personal storage on middfiles\home - but don't use this space for storing large files (see below).

iPhoto and Pictures

These need to be backed up either to Muskrat or to an external hard disk borrowed from circ. BOTH of these options are temporary! Backing up iPhoto

iMovie, FinalCut, iDVD and other larger movie files

These need to be backed up either to Muskrat or with an external hard disk borrowed from circ. BOTH of these options are temporary!


We recommend migrating to Entourage. We do not support AddressBook. There's a drag and drop procedure for importing AddressBook data to Entourage's server-side address list. (Hint: Using drag-and-drop to import contacts, settings, etc. from one program to another is really useful on a Mac! Actually, sometimes it seems to be the only way to import settings.)

Safari Bookmarks


Firefox Bookmarks

Bookmarks can be easily backed up by going to the Bookmarks menu -> Organize Bookmarks and exporting bookmarks to HTML. I'm not sure how to back up saved passwords, history, etc. other than by manually copying the Firefox user data directory.


      • Preparations:***
  • Find a suitable backups location with enough free space:
    • documents, pictures may be able to fit on \home, can ask for quota increase (x2200).
    • music and videos should go onto an external hard disk - available from the library circulation desk, search "equipment drive" on http://go.middlebury.edu/midcat to check availability)
    • if external hard disks are unavailable, the college bookstore sells blank DVDs -- these are able to fit a lot of data, and the Helpdesk can help with burning your data onto them.
  • Open any folder, Tools => Options => View => checkmark "Show hidden files and folders", ucheckmark "hide all file extensions", uncheckmark "Hide Operating System Folders"
  • On Windows XP, your data resides under C:\Documents and Settings
  • On Vista, your data is under C:\Users
      • BACKUP:***
  • C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\Desktop
  • C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\My Documents (check if maybe you can avoid backing up My Music and My Videos)
  • C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\Favorites (these are the Internet Explorer Favorites)
  • Check the root of the C drive (My Computer => Local Disk C, or C:\) - some stray files may have ended up there.
  • Open Outlook:
    • write down all the "Mailbox - XXXX" entries in the folder list. These are additional mailboxes that were added to Outlook via Tools => Options => E-mail accounts.
    • see if there are any Personal File Folders or Archive Folders -- these are stored on the computer itself, not on the e-mail server. You can use Control Panel => Mail => Data Files to open the folder where the pst files are stored, then back them up.
  • If using any special software for picture management, see if you can find where the software stores the pictures. Most photo management software stores the pictures in My Documents, so it's likely that you covered it when backing up My Documents.
  • Open Mozilla Firefox, Bookmarks menu => Organize Bookmarks.
  • Click File => Export to export the bookmarks. If the File => Export option is missing, click Bookmarks => Organize Bookmarks, then click on the star icon in the middle of the toolbar and select Export HTML
  • Get a list of the installed printers (Control Panel => Printers), check which one is the default one
  • Get a list of the hardware connected to the computer (just looking around). Things like scanners may need additional drivers and software.
  • Get a list of the additional software that will need to be reinstalled.
  • Wallpaper is usually stored in C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft or C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer Bookmarks

  • Back up "Favorites" to file: File menu -> Import and Export (in IE7, you might need to right-click on the toolbar to show the File menu)
  • Migrate to Firefox: Firefox has a built-in import feature that will fetch IE's bookmarks.


All user-specific files and settings are in the /home/username directory. While some minor information in that directory may not be important to the user, you can know with 100% certainty that all user files and data are inside that directory.

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