Self Service Password Reset Pilot

Participants in the Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) pilot project who forget their Middlebury account password will be able to reset it by visiting http://go.middlebury.edu/chgpwd.

Why are we doing this pilot?

  • Use of Microsoft’s Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) will remove our reliance on Banner PINs and our in-house “Activation” page for password changes.
  • Use of SSPR is consistent with how password resets are handled elsewhere.
  • This password reset method will have easy access from many College login pages and will bring greater account security.

What do you need to do?

  • Click on http://go/ssprsetup.
  • This opens a web browser and brings you to your Middlebury signon page.
  • Enter your username and the password.

The following options are available for you to configure and verify:

  • Authenticator app. You can download the authenticator to one or more mobile devices.
  • Authentication Phone: Set this option to a phone number other than your office phone that you have access to. An example is a cell phone that can receive a text or a call.
  • Office phone: This option is already set.
  • Authentication Email: Set this option to an alternate email address that you can access without using the password you want to reset.
  • Security Questions: Choose three or more questions.You can't use the same question or answer more than once.
  • Select finish. You can now use SSPR when you need to in the future.

If you enter data for Authentication Phone or Authentication Email, it's not visible in the global directory. The only people who can see this data are you and your administrators. Only you can see the answers to your security questions.

Note: We suggest that you register multiple methods. This gives you flexibility when one of the methods isn't available, for instance when you're traveling and you're unable to access your office phone.

Other Useful Information

  • SSPR is for password resets when you don’t remember your old password. Routine password changes can be done via other means, for instance Webmail.
  • Enroll in SSPR when on campus using a college-owned computer on our network.

How to Provide Feedback

Please use our online form to submit feedback about the pilot project.

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