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===== September – Things to do list =====
* Unpack your office, if you haven't done so already
* Post grades
**print grade labels (see Creating Grade Labels)
**blue grade cards are in the mailroom. Only new students need a grade card.  Returning students do not need a new grade card and should have one already in their file.
**pull students that are MA candidates and should be sent the MA candidacy letter and transfer of credit forms (for Schools with MA programs)
* M.A. Candidacy letters and transfer of credit forms (for Schools with MA programs)
* Clean out files:
**files that are more than 10 years old should be shredded EXCEPT for the grade cards.
**destroy the incomplete files of those that are two years old and of those that applied, were accepted, but never attended two years ago.
** keep the "cancelled" files of those that did attend before, and file them with the year in which they actually attended.
*Update Application Instructions
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