Serials: QuickGuide

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008 Fixed Fields


  • c currently pub
  • d dead
  • u unknown Freq
  • <> no det. freq.
  • a annual
  • g biennial (ev. 2 yrs.) u unknown
  • q quarterly
  • u unknown
  • (see CONSER for others)


  • r regular intervals
  • x completely irregular
  • u unknown

Type of serial

  • m monographic series
  • n newspaper
  • p periodical


Based on 362 field or date of coverage, not date of publication.

1xx Rarely used for serials

022 ISSN

245 Title

Rarely add subtitle. Instead, drop to 500 note with quotation marks. Rarely add statement of responsibility. Instead, drop to 500 note and add 7xx. Omit variable data

  • On item: The official 1997 price guide to baseball cards. Bib Record: The official ... price guide to baseball cards.
  • On item: 5th annual report. Bib Record: Annual report.

246 Varying Title

260 Publication, Distribution, etc.

Add $c date only if first and/or last piece is in hand. Use a dash after the date to indicate open status. For completed serials, include both beginning and ending dates.

  • $c c1960-
  • $c [1960-
  • $c -1989.
  • $c 1992-1998

300 Physical Description

Indicate serial status by v instead of page sequence

  • $a v. :$b ill. ;$c 28 cm.
  • When serial is "dead" or completed, insert total number of volumes in 300 if known
  • $a 6 v. :$b ill. ;$c 20 cm.

310 Current Publication Frequency

Indicate frequency of serial if known.

$a Annual
$a Biennial
$a Irregular
$a Bimonthly (except July/Aug.)
Add 310 only if Fixed field Frequency & Regularity codes are known.

  • If you know the serial is irregular, use blank in Freq and x in Regl. If you do not know the frequency, and the serial is not known to be irregular, use u for both Freq and Regl.

310 Irregular
Freq [blank]
Regl x

Do not use "Frequency varies"; this note may go into the 321 (see CONSER) Do not use "Frequency varies"; this note may go into the 321 (see CONSER) No period at end of 310 field.