Shipping Electronics for Repair

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College-owned electronics get shipped for repair by the Helpdesk via a variety of services.

Using Fedex

Shipping from the Library

Helpdesk Staff can ship College owned equipment and supported student Dell models from the Library. Helpdesk Staff can read this article

Shipping from the Student Mailing Center

Visit the Mailing Center with your package. See http://www.middlebury.edu/about/handbook/general/misc/store-mail-repro.htm for details.

Shipping from Mailing Services in Forest

The Mailing Services can help ship items via UPS, for departmental shipments, as well as personal UPS shipments for faculty, staff and students.

Using DHL

(DHL is going out of business in the US) Customer wants to schedule a DHL pick up for a computer or another device which needs repair.

Solution: In general the College's Mail Center handles DHL pick-up and drop-off. Customer should arrange for a pick-up time with DHL and give them 84 South Service Road, Middlebury, VT 05753 (this is the College Mail center address). Then ASAP they should take the package to the mail center and let them know that this is a scheduled DHL pick-up.

(if the mail center is too busy, the customer can drop it off at the Helpdesk and we can put it on our DHL pick-up spot in the library)

Author: Linda Knutson (from Heat ticket 141687) Modified Date: November 5, 2007

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