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== New AntiVirus solution ==
LIS is in the process of deploying a new antivirus solution. Sophos AntiVirus will be gradually retired and removed. The project timeline is described in this [http://blogs.middlebury.edu/lis/2012/01/17/sophos-project-timeline/ blog post].
== Sophos ==
== Sophos ==
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== Other Security Resources  ==
== Other Security Resources  ==
Please see [[Computer Security Checklist]].
[[Using and maintaining your computer]]
== Symantect AntiVirus ==
Symantec Antivirus is being retired. The information relating to Symantec that was on this page is available under the History tab above.
[[Computer Security Checklist]]
[[Category:Specific_Applications]] [[Category:Specific_applications]]
[[Category:Helpdesk Documentation]]

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The following page offers information on getting and using Sophos: Sophos FAQ.

Other Security Resources

Using and maintaining your computer

Computer Security Checklist

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