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Message saying Symantec AutoProtect is disabled

Problem: Symantec gives a bubble saying that autoprotect is disabled

Most likely, Symantec just needs to be reinstalled. To reinstall it:
# Connect to the College's wired network
# Open Internet Explorer and visit http://go.middlebury.edu/antivirus
# Click "Install Now". This will reinstall Symantec.
# Restart after the installation.

If this doesn't help, remove Symantec first, then follow the above instructions to install it. To remove Symantec:
# Click on the Start menu => Control Panel (or Settings => Control Panel) => Add Remove programs
# Scroll down to Symantec AntiVirus, click on Symantec AntiVirus, click "Remove".
# Follow the above instructions to reinstall Symantec.

We can help with either procedure on the phone, or if you visit us in LIB202.