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  • = General Info on Applying to the Helpdesk = ...bury.edu Joseph Durante]. If we do not have an available position when you apply, we will keep a copy of your application on file and contact you when there
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  • ...oup_Membership_and_Permissions|Managing Group Membership and Permissions]] to edit distribution lists in the Global Address List that you own. The following instructions can only be used to edit personal distribution lists that you created using the Windows Outlook
    1 KB (187 words) - 15:45, 26 May 2017
  • If you are unhappy with the new look you may wish to give Webmail's "light" version a try. See [[Webmail_FAQs#How_can_I_turn_on # Click to select the radio button beside '''Hide reading pane'''.
    2 KB (307 words) - 10:53, 6 February 2015
  • = General Info on Applying to the Helpdesk = ...bury.edu Joseph Durante]. If we do not have an available position when you apply, we will keep a copy of your application on file and contact you when there
    3 KB (505 words) - 15:21, 8 March 2016
  • ...receive a replacement (or refreshed) computer and complete all that apply to you. <br> ...re you use that is '''not available to you via self-service''' and send it to ITS so it can be installed on your replacement (or refreshed) computer.<br>
    2 KB (247 words) - 16:44, 18 January 2019
  • The following general instructions apply to all Kyoceras on campus and most of the remaining Canon color printer/copier ...r Printing"). If you do this once, the above instructions can be shortened to:
    2 KB (244 words) - 09:54, 27 August 2021
  • *Please refer to [[Internet Native Banner - INB#Troubleshooting_Browser_Connection_Issues|In *Please refer to [[Internet Native Banner - INB#Installing_the_Java_Plug-in_for_INB_.28Windo
    2 KB (289 words) - 09:40, 23 August 2013
  • ...tall disk is specific to the computer model, so the install disks that the Helpdesk has won't work on a student's computer. A reference (PDF) to common Mac keyboard shortcuts is available here: http://davespicks.com/writ
    5 KB (798 words) - 09:32, 23 August 2013
  • ====How is a data block related to a report?==== ...re three different types of Argos reports: CSV, banded, and extract. Refer to the [http://webhelp.evisions.com/HelpFiles/Argos/en/Default.htm#Reports.htm
    3 KB (532 words) - 13:28, 25 February 2018
  • ...assroom in their courses to validate this process. Please contact us via a HelpDesk Ticket if you are using this service or interested in piloting it in a cour Middlebury has subscribed to the [https://education.github.com/ GitHub Education] Campus Program which p
    6 KB (871 words) - 14:05, 16 July 2021
  • ...es "forms" and "self service" components. Access to FAMIS Forms is limited to Facilities Services and a few other users across campus. FAMIS Self Service ...other than ON CAMPUS, you MUST use a VPN client (Virtual Private Network) to create a secure connection. If you do not have a VPN client on your compute
    5 KB (762 words) - 09:51, 31 March 2016
  • ...s directory, which is particularly handy when you are on the road and need to look up someone’s contact information. ...ve a voice call (on your cell phone or landline). If none of these options apply, please contact [mailto:infosec@middlebury.edu?subject=mfa-nophone Middlebu
    3 KB (490 words) - 10:13, 16 July 2020
  • ...Server.&nbsp; If you do not have an account you will have the opportunity to create a new account using the instructions below. Only Papercut cash cards ...granted access to a set of basic web pages providing you with the ability to:
    4 KB (662 words) - 10:01, 8 August 2019
  • Please note that you no longer need to install Java to use INB because the preferred method for accessing Internet Native Banner ( === Logging in to INB ===
    6 KB (954 words) - 14:37, 7 September 2018
  • ...uch, a computer can be delivered directly to a client without ever needing to be physically handled by ITS. ...t checks Microsoft's Autopilot servers to determine any intial settings to apply. Middlebury machines then provide a streamlined Out of Box Experience (OOBE
    6 KB (900 words) - 08:37, 6 August 2021
  • ...iki.middlebury.edu/wiki/LIS/Connect_To_Network_Printers_-_Mac_OS_X Connect to Network Printers – Macs] ...n press Control + Alt + Delete to access the option to change the password to one they can recall easily when required.
    10 KB (1,483 words) - 09:21, 4 June 2019
  • This page contains tips and instructions on how to back up files and settings on Apple (Mac) computers. ...l ask you to provide a list of all special software you use that will need to be installed. <br><br>
    7 KB (1,078 words) - 07:54, 6 July 2018
  • *Google Docs (similar to Word/Pages) *Google Sheets (similar to Excel/Numbers)
    8 KB (1,323 words) - 09:47, 29 May 2019
  • Below are some additional tips and tricks to try if you are experiencing projection issues on Macintosh Apple computers ...r the options on a MAC and hit ALT/Option keys and click the scaled option to get more resolutions.
    6 KB (923 words) - 09:58, 12 July 2016
  • ...m Hyperion's Workspace should be avoided, as it typically takes 20 minutes to load using that method! ...automatically. See the system requirements section above before attempting to install Hyperion manually.
    7 KB (1,108 words) - 11:50, 22 March 2018
  • Your Middlebury account (username@middlebury.edu) and password provide access to your email.<br/> &nbsp; Outlook software allows you to perform a variety of tasks, such as:
    20 KB (3,138 words) - 11:23, 12 February 2020

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