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  • [[Category:Pages with broken file links]]
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  • ...ppropriate users and secured devices, and ensure organizational compliance with our DCP (Data Classification Policy). ITS will work with your team to configure secure storage. Once setup is complete, a “Sensiti
    4 KB (528 words) - 18:32, 4 December 2020
  • [[File:AdHoc Guest account invitation flow - Helpdesk supported.png|600px|AdHoc Gu == Logging in with your guest account ==
    6 KB (862 words) - 17:19, 11 November 2021
  • ...f member to prepare computers before they are deployed to the client. With Zero-Touch, a computer can be delivered directly to a client without ever n ...has a program called Apple School Manager (ASM) which works in conjuction with any number of Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems. Middlebury College&nb
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  • ...Post''' from the '''Add New''' menu at the top left of your screen.<br />[[File:MiddLab_Add_New.png]] ...and un-check '''Custom Fields'''. You'll only need to do this once.<br />[[File:MiddLab_Screen_Options.png]]
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  • ...und for logging on, adding content, editing existing content, creating new pages, setting permissions, etc. Further, each set of instructions will be accomp ...g permission, you will see a multicolored ribbon at the top of your screen with many different actions you can perform on the page. This will not show up w
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  • *Collaborate with HR, Helpdesk, Media Film Screening, Digital Media Lab (DMT), Stacks and Cir *5/21 - Customer Service training with HD/DMT's/Media Services students presented by HR/Sheila Andrus - attendance
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  • *Log into ERes with manager credentials; in Main Menu click on "Course Reserves Page" *You will also want to check on any links to online articles included in the ERes page. This is the time to test them
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