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  • ...ly and don't want to install an additional keyboard, you can use the built-in Microsoft [[#Typing_accented_characters_in_Microsoft_Office|Office shorctut If you frequently type in another language, it is recommended to install the keyboard for that langua
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  • The Campus Technology magazine has featured it in an article: *#JabRef - Java-based reference database for Win/Mac/Linux. Stores references in the popular and common BibTeX format. Similar layout to EndNote. WARNING: C
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  • ... 'Awaiting Copyright Clearance' or use the 'Process Copyright' button in the Borrowing tab. *Transactions that need to be cleared through copyright are displayed in the top grid.  Articles published more than five years ago can be auto
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  • * Date type ...elease/issue and production/recording session when different from the date in Date1. Use only when contents are unchanged from original release
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  • *Some functions (like File => Print => Acrobat PDF) work, but in general it's not compatible. ..."Convert to Adobe PDF" option under the "Adobe PDF" menu, next to "Help", in Word.
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