Special Collections Materials: Processing

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This page contains information about processing Special Collections items after they are cataloged.

All materials

  • Barcode: add to item record, but do not attach to item. Instead, attach barcode to top of acid-free strip, and insert into item, with barcode sticking out at top. Exception: for items in envelopes, attach barcode to lower left corner of envelope.
  • Call number : write call number on t.p. verso only if it is an LC call number (RBMS, Flanders, Vermont Collection); do not write if it is a local call number (Aber, Archives)
  • Call number (on envelope or strip): Cataloging staff does not add call number (either local or LC) to barcoded strip or to envelope. Special Collections staff will add.
  • After cataloging: Place cataloged items on designated bookshelf in Cataloging.

RBMS: Rare Books & Manuscripts

  • Bib record
    • Call number: LC classification
  • Item record
  • Physical item: Write RBMS and the call number (in pencil) on verso of title page

Abernethy Collection

  • Bib record
    • Keep LC call number if present already
  • Item record
    • Location: mfab_ (see Bib & Item Locations & Abbreviations)
    • Status: o 
    • Call number (Local): Use 099 field: Author's last name 1st initial, enclosed in parenthesis. For title main entry, use title itself as call number (first 3-5 words)
  • 099 (Bierce, A.)
  • 099 (Demorest's gem souvenir)
Note: If unsure about call number, omit it (Danielle will review & add)
  • Physical item: do not write call number on the item
  • Aber Broadsides locations (determined by size):
    • mfabr: up to 8-1/2 x 14 in.
    • mfabo: up to 18 x 24 in.
    • mfalo: larger than 18x24 in.
  • Aber Pamphlets locations (determined by size):
    • mfapm: up to 7 x 10 in.
    • mfapo: over 7 x 10, up to 9 x 12 in.
    • mfapl: over 9 x 12, up to 12 x 15 in.

College Archives

  • Bib record
    • Call number: omit. Danielle will add
  • Item record
  • Physical item: do not write call number on item


  • Bib record
    • Call number: LC classificiation
    • For songsters: add 655 Songsters
  • Item record
    • Location: mffl or mffms
    • Status: o
    • For songsters: add local call  number 099 Songsters
    • For songsters: Add volume (e.g., Box 4 #12)
  • Physical item: write call number on item unless it is a Songster (with local call number)

Vermont Collection Restricted

  • Bib record
    • Call number: LC classification
  • Item record
    • Location: mfvtr, mfvtp
    • Status: o
  • Physical item: write Vt Coll Restrict & call number on verso of t.p.
  • Place Vt Coll. restricted items on labeled shelf outside 125B. Alert Hans to pick up.

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