Special Fields (Local)

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Special Fields for Gov Docs Add SuDoc number (086) and item number (074) to bib record if known or needed. Copy SuDoc number into 099 by using ctrl - u (while cursor is in 086)

  • Delete 090, 092, and 082 if they exist in record


074 $a 0517-B 086 $a SSA 1.2:W89
099 $a SSA 1.2:W89

Note: There is always a space or piece of punctuation between the letter and the number in SuDoc number

Searching for Gov Docs by SuDoc number on OCLC

gn: [1-2 letters, 1-10 numbers]


A 1.2:R31/14/984

  • Search by: gn:a123114984
  • NAS1.2:SP1/46
  • Search by: gn:na12146