Sponsored access guest

The Sponsored Access Guest account type was envisioned as a way to record non-employee and non-student guests in Banner.

The construction of this account type was envisioned to provide a consistent set of institutional services and resources that do not violate our academic contracts and licenses. ITS was also striving to automate the provisioning and de-provisioning of resources and services to provide a seamless experience for the guest while providing security for Middlebury.

What is a sponsored access guest?

A sponsored access guest is a person who is participating in a funded or sponsored event held on the Middlebury campus. An example would be a grant-funded conference held at Middlebury that lasts several days and requires access to buildings or resources beyond the guest wireless network.

What services or applications are available to sponsored access guests with this account?

Note: There may be additional requests needed to Middlebury departments to fully utilize these services and applications.

  • Building Access Card
  • Card Catalog
  • Printing
  • Wireless
  • MiddFiles
  • Web Helpdesk (client-side access only)
  • Lab Computer Access
  • VPN Access
  • Wordpress
  • Drupal

How long does the sponsored access guest access last?

If all information is entered correctly and completely, the sponsored access guest account is created 14 days before the visit starts. The account is disabled the day after the visit ends, and deleted 60 days after the visit ends.

Note: If a visit lasts longer than 90 days, it is likely the person is misclassified as a sponsored access guest.

Who enters the information for a sponsored access guest?

The sponsor of the event or the sponsor's delegate is responsible for entering sponsored access guest information into Banner in a timely fashion.

What information needs to be entered into Banner to create a sponsored access guest account?

Please see Sponsored Access Guest - Banner Data Entry Guide . Log-in to Middlebury Google Account is required to view the document.

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