StarBoard Smartboard

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This page describes how to install and use the Hitachi smart board installed in MBH467. The smart board model is StarBoard Trio FX. The smart board can be used as a regular projection screen without the software. However, to take advantage of the smart capabilities of the board, you need to install the software.

To use the "smart" capabilities of the smart board for the first time with your computer, you need to:

  1. Connect your computer to the VGA and USB cables in MBH 467. Instructions for this are available in the room. There is additional smartroom equipment present, consult the blue binder for details.
  2. Install the Starboard software (see footnote 1). The installation files for this are available on middfiles => Software. Instructions for this are available here: Hitachi Starboard Installation Guide.
  3. Calibrate the Starboard software. The short instructions for this are: Calibrate pen - settings menu - standard - calibrate. Further instruction for this are available here: Hitachi Starboard Training for Mac and Hitachi Starboard Training for PC. The software's help menu has a lot more information. There are also video tutorials here.


1. Macintosh-specific note - preferences under tools menu are not the only prefs - StarBoard Software menu prefs may provide what you seek.

2. Time - allow plenty of time to play and to explore options


1: StarBoard software installation - application also may have a separate agent which communicates with the smartboard

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