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=== Overview===
StarRez provides the ability to manage and assign housing stock.  
StarRez provides the ability to manage and assign housing stock.  

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StarRez provides the ability to manage and assign housing stock.

Data feeds are provided from Banner for door access codes, demographic information and enrollment (housing eligibility) information.

A data download from StarRez and Banner job submission push StarRez room assignments into Banner for use by the Active Directory feed, Facility Commander feed and Banner Room Key management forms.

When will demographic data be loaded?

Right now, demographic data will be loaded once a day at 1:00 am ET.

How is the student demographic data population determined?

We use the SYBISTU table as the basis for the demographic data population. It feeds from the baseline Banner student table, but incorporates other datapoints useful for this load.

SYBISTU/SGBSTDN is term-based. What terms are you using to pull records from SYBISTU?

Housing business processes require future term data to assign housing. We use the following calculation to pick up students in future terms.

Current Term Terms used in student demographic pull
Fall (90) Fall (90), Winter (10), Spring (20)
Winter (10) Winter (10), Spring (20), Summer+ (50, 60, 65)
Spring (20) Spring (20), Summer+ (50, 60, 65), Fall (90)
Summer (60) Summer+ (50, 60, 65), Fall (90), Winter (10)

Demographic data push from Banner to StarRez

Persons are inserted or updated by the API (application programming interface) push from Banner.

We do not delete persons from StarRez. The Housing office must purge person records as needed.

The concept of a population is to pull in everyone who could be housed.

Population Group Name Business Rules Notes
Students (Undergraduate, Language Schools, School of Environment, Summer Study)

Active Student record in Sybistu and

  • Term is Fall (90), Winter (10) or Spring (20) and Student Type is one of C, E, N, O, R, S, T
  • Term is Summer (60), School of Environment (50) or Summer Study (65) and Student Type is one of B, V or Y.
Non-enrolled DMLs (Doctorate of Modern Languages) Sybistu record exists for a summer term (ends in 60) with Student Type code = V (Visiting) and Student Status code = NE (Not Enrolled)
Long-term Housing Guests Spriden name type = HGST (Housing Guest) Spouses or dependents of language school faculty/staff, but may be other guests as well.
TAs (Teaching Assistants) Employee class = 28
CRDs (Commons Resident Directors) Example Example
Summer Student Employees N/A Summer Student Employees will already be loaded into StarRez as students.
Language School Faculty Example Example
Special Language School Faculty Example Example
Language School Staff Example Example
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